Jan 5, 2015

Commission Earnings Potential by Adjusting parties per month

Numbers based on average party sales for current consultants in the business.
And assuming that new consultants work 50% as much as you. 
This means these numbers could be higher or lower depending on your personal performance and that of your team. 

KEEP THIS PACE FOR 12 MONTHS for earnings of $1071/month.

KEEP T HIS PARTY PACE FOR 12 MONTHS but DOUBLE Q'S AND Consultant Sign Ups for $7403/month.

Aug 28, 2014

Why being an Independent consultant with THRIVE LIFE is awesome!

Do you think people are under the impression that you shouldn't have to work hard to make a lot of money in direct sales because direct sales isn't really a business model? 
What if you looked at direct sales this way? 

A company wants to share their product. They don't want to hire all 10,000 of the employees that they'll need. They don't have the resources to give each person a desk on location and all the people who they want to work for them work thousands of miles away and even are in other countries. They don't have the resources to advertise globally for this amazing job they know would be incredible for anyone who takes it! There's a bit of a risk to the company and that is that the future success of the company depends squarely on these new people! 

What could you do as a company to get your product out using the RIGHT people without the desk space, travel, hiring, advertising etc etc? 

Direct Sales is the answer! 

Why is this awesome for consultants? 

I just joined a company I didn't have interview for. But I got the job without experience anyway! I can make as much or as little as I want. I can show up for work as little or as much as I want.

 I was fully trained and got everything I needed to be successful from day one. My only requirement was getting my kit with everything I need to show my customers and to buy $50 worth of the product so I could use it at my parties and for myself. And the $50 that I was spending was on product I actually wanted and was not over priced. And I could give this same thing to my customers. 

What if the company created a way for me to be successful selling to customers because it gave so much away to my customers for FREE! And made it easy for my customers to also join the company. And instead of passing off these new recruits directly to the company and getting a one time thanks- I actually got to keep my team, train them, and help them reach their goals. And I earned extra commission (a raise) for this added work. 

Would you be interested in a business like this?